Saturday, March 14, 2009

Free Domains Giveaway

NameCheap is back with its sensational you-don't-want-to-miss Twitter Trivia Contest!
If last year's was Christmast-related, this time it's a Fun Fact. Free Domains Giveaways sure brings all the good memories back.

Okay, you want to know what are your chances? Let see, every hour of the hour there will be 3 domains distributed for 3 winners. And the contest is going to be held for 2 weeks, from Mar 10 - Mar 24. Last time there was an iPod nano for the one with the most correct answer, this time th prize is getting bigger, 3 Dell Minis. If you do the math, it'll something which is worth more than $10,000 !

The steps and requirements are easy, and FREE:
  1. Register for a Twitter Account
  2. Get yourself a NameCheap account (it's free to register)
  3. Proceed with the Twitter Integration, should you win this will be the method to verify your twitter account ownership
  4. Follow NameCheap @ Twitter for the contest

Every hour a question will be tweet-ed, and all you need to do is give NameCheap your answer (by typing @NameCheap [your answer here]). The first person given the correct answer will win a domain instantly, while other-two will be picked by random. So if you feel like you can't win the first place, you can always push your luck there ;)