Monday, December 29, 2008

You Should Use EntreCard

I doubt anyone who read this, landed here because of other means beside EntreCard. I bet you all are EntreCard User *LOL*

In case you are not one, then you should use EntreCard for your blog, also. Because there is a good explanation on the following link:
Promote Your Blog with EntreCard

I quote this for you to see, what you're missing:
If you have joined EntreCard for some time, and you have only use the Dashboard. You’re missing something. Look at those navigation buttons on the top of the page, you’ll see one with “Forums” written on the button. Now that’s what I’m going to talk about. This is a place where all EC users interact, plus the easiest spot to trade, get and make use of your EC credits.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Free Domain for You!

Free domain? Is there such a thing as free domain?
Well, the answer is: yes it does. But remember, free doesn't mean effort-less. Rigth?
Ask my friend nichive if you don't believe it. He claimed that he already won 3 now.

Namecheap is holding a contest, that took place every hour of the hour, started from Dec 1st till Dec 25th. That means, a lot of chance for you to take a part of it. Every hour, they post a quiz that every participant have to answer, and the first one who got the right answer plus the other random-picked two will have their reward as free domain and hosting package. The prize total as much as $17.000

So for you who still using free domain such as feel free to try the opportunity (and test a bit your luck). Here's how to participate:

1.Register yourself on for you have to be a member if you want to claim your prize (if you won).
$9.69 Domain name registration at

2. Register to, for the quiz is published every hour of the hour via twitter.

3. After you got your twitter account, follow Namecheap on twitter,

4. Every hour of the hour, NameCheap will broadcast a quiz via twitter, and they will select three winner. 1 from the first person that got his/her answer right and 2 other random user who made the right answer.

5. Every day, each contestant has the right to win 1 domain (only). But for those who replies the most, also comes an iPOD Nano.

When you win, you have to:
  • Login to your namecheap account and go to My Account - Manage Profile
  • Then pick Twitter Integration
  • Enter your Twitter username
  • And your account will be loaded with an amount of money that you can use to buy a domain at

So, what are you waiting for? Participate, for this is the only thing I can after I am belated for
Busby SEO Test


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Payoneer Card has Arrived

Yay! Finally I got my hands on the shipped Payoneer Card I've been requested. Well, it's been on my bed for the whole previouse week, actually. But what can I say, my last assignment took me out of town for some time. But now, I'm having the card well-kept in my wallet, for it's another step for me to start my internet income activities.

I signed up for Payoneer since I'm in need to validate my PayPal account. Yes, I registered myself for a PayPal account in order to have a good paying solution that can handle my online transactions. Why do I need one? Because the earnings, of course. It's been a while since I started to receive my payments you know.
And what does a Payoneer Card has to do with PayPal? Well, there's a story for that. And I'll share it with you

You see, you can have your PayPal account as easy as fillin' in the registration form. After the registration, you'll get your account (activated through email) and then voila.. an account is available to handle your payments. But what happens after you have the funds deposited on your PayPal account?

Here's the difference:
If you're still an unverified user, which means you haven't add any Credit Card or Debit Card details, you can not withdraw your fund to your local bank account. But still, you can use it to transfer the fund to others. But the story would be different if you're an verified user.. please conclude yourself the advantages. For me, I don't have the qualification for any Credit Card application, because being a freelance did produce some limitations at that department. But since PayPal also accept Debit Card info for the verification process, then I signed up for a Payoneer Card.

But the sign-up process itself, was quite tricky. Because Payoneer don't accept direct application, I have to sign myself on one of their affiliate merchant (or something like that). And from so many of their kind, I chose ReviewMe instead. This was done not without any thoughts. I chose a paid-review program since I intend to take a part in one of those money-making program.

The Payoneer Card application is provided on the ReviewMe registration form. On the section where I supposed to mention what Payment Method should I use. There was the check box for "Payoneer Debit Card" so I checked it, which then brought me to another registration form (belongs to Payoneer).. So I fill the required fields as instructed.

It didn't take a week, when I received the notification notice from Payoneer that my application had been approved. The only "lame" thing to faced was that they informed me, the shipping process might last for 30-days. Man, that was long waiting.

But since I was quite occupied back then, I never realize how fast time could fly. And now, here I am with my Payoneer Card. Activated, and ready to loaded!

I'm just one step away from getting my PayPal account verified.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Been Busy

As you can see, it's getting pretty "seldom" for me to update this blog. Why? Because I can't manage my time-schedule. Why? Because everything keep on coming, like a tidal wave.

It's so annoying when there were times I don't have anything to do, totally. But some other times, I have it up to my ears! Aargh.. These projects is taking all my resources, all my strength and the most important all my time. Didn't got proper sleeping as well (like hell I have one).

But the least I can do is to give my support to all my friends. Well, not all, actually. Some still got left behind since the favor requested is damn too much for me to handle. My programming skill ain't developed lately. Neither does my social activities.

It's lame, I know it sounded like one. But what else can I do? The pay is worth the effort, anyway.
Just now, I received a payment I got from one of the internet income activities I've been conduct (we can say "online income" aslo). It's a payment for one of my task in blogsvertise. To think I did write the previous paragraph, I say .. I'll keep on rolling.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008 Way to Enjoy Footbal

Do you love football? If you do, then you probably define "quality time" as having the chance to watch your favorite football show. And what do you do when you don't have the time to do so?

I suggest you try the web tv approach on football. Yes, it does exists, thanks to Carlslberg. They have launced a new web-tv channel that broadcast 5 channel of all aspects about football.

Don't believe that it's true? Then try it yourself and see how the glory of football has brought to the web. Visit a Carlsberg web-tv. Here you can watch any video related to football, from the classic football matches to life as a fan.

Be sure not to miss the video clips about football funnies and rituals from the Football Magic channel.

As an extra feature you can upload your own favourite football moments. Even, if you’ve found the videos on YouTube etc.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

BackLinks does Pay

I'm finally able to get ack again after some time, huh? Been busy lately for a bunch of offline issues. Let say, I have to earn money for my daily needs. nd believe me, being a freelance doesn't means you'll be free all te time.

Okay, if my offline business pays me better than this blog. Why did I bother to come back? Hee,hee.. that's because I found a suprising fact, that one of my passive-income method earns me money.

The recent payment I got was from BackLinks. A link exchange program, that let you make a use for those spaces you may have on your blog. It's not a scam like some that I used to have here (ripped it off since I didn't win the contest).

The requirements for BackLinks program, may exclude you from the opportunity, if you're host your blog at wordpress or blogspot. So, and blogspot users, this isn't your stuff. Sorry about that, but I have to be honest, so you can save your time.

But if you're a self-hosted Wordpress user. Then follow up.
Like MedanIT, which is a self-hosted Wordpress blog. Adding the BackLinks script code, is possible for them. Hence, dollars is flowing inside the treasury. Hee,hee.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Restoring Data from Formatted Hard-Disk, it's possible

I was dealing with a complicated issues, back few days ago. To wrap it in a simple way; It's a hard-disk that belongs to my client, which contains important data, but cannot be accessed due to file system error.

It caused a havoc, since he only had so little time before his scheduled back to leave Medan. And I never dealt with this kind of problem before. Usually, when someone came to me with a file system error. All I did was format the hard disk, and voila.. it became usable once more. But of course, without any data .. fresh, empty as new!

Well, then I get to know Get Data Back. A software that you can download and use locally, to restore any data from your hard-disk (either those who were unintentionally deleted or intentionally formatted )

Firstly, I tried to use my Ubuntu (Linux) to see if I can mount and bypass the file system error. But if failed, since Ubuntu isn't really good dealing with NTFS. That made me frustated and start to do some search and ask alot of people in many forums. Then someone told me to use this Get Data Back.

Actually, I forgot to confirm if it can deal with NTFS, my bad. Fortunately, it is capable to deal with NTFS! What a relieve.
You can download the program from here:

Download it to your local folder, and double click to run the installation process. It's easy, believe me. I say, anyone who in need with restoring their lost files or whoever dwells in this kind of field, should have this great software.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Ask2Links for Earnings

I've been thinking, what to do with those extra space I have with this blog. Well, selling ads of course. But then again, choosing a very "profit-able" one is quite a fuzz for me (since I'm new in this field). So I asked one of my blog friends regarding this, and he introduced me to Ask2Links!

Earn money from your website/blog by, selling text links, banner ads - Advertisers can, buy links, from your blog for SEO. Get paid through PayPal

He said that this service is better than Google Adsense (in terms of selling values of the TextAds). Well I thought it was just some promotion that buzz most people. But to see his earnings, $12 per month for one TextAds sure amazed me!

Well, since this blog of mine already reached Alexa Rank less than 2million (with no PR), and I already have my own PayPal account; I decided to join. Who knows what it'll bring, huh?


Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Earning from Google Adsense

Hey, look what did I found out today. It's a report of my Google Adsense for September. I was almost fell from the chair, really.

Well, #3.03 is not much actually (in comparison with those advance users). But I found it quite motivating. Why? Because I only start to use Google Adsense since September, actually. Yeah, I just use added the widget without learning any further techniques or strategies (which I'd start to do soon).

You know what does Google Adsense feature that impressed me so much? It's the Impression part. Yeah, whether visitors click your shown ads or not, the impression is counted. And that makes Google Adsense different from PPC programme. Hee,hee okay just want to share the good news. Got to learn more, and much more.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shop till you drop, but save the money

I just had a chat with my friend that live in the US. He's married, and he said that he forgot to invite me. Darn! I knew I couldn't possibly attend the wedding ceremony, but what hurt could it do if he invited me, huh?

Okay, enough with the upset, now what I'm going to share. Is related to the news he delivered to me. It's about shopping over there. Well, I'm not much into shopping things. But he is definitly someone that do the shopping like girls (*LOL* no offence for all girls out there).

My friend mentioned about shopping coupons that can reduce prize!

1. Enter your ZIP code:

2. Click button below to get coupons!

Businesses: Add your coupons to
our directory FREE! Learn more.

Website owners: Add this banner and

make money giving away coupons!
Learn more.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ziddu Hosted Malware (a question)

Last night I was intended to access my ziddu account, to upload a song (The Cardigans Feat. Tom Jones - Burning Down the House) since I don't want to have it deleted by someone else in the future; I like this song, especially The Cardigans is my favorit band on the moon.

Okay, back to the upload thing. When I opened the web browser I'm using (that is FireFox) shows a notice:

"What the ..." was the thing that crossed my mind. So I try to open it with another browser that was installed on my laptop, Internet Explorer and no such notice or warning shown. It didn't pleased me instantly, because now I'm starting to worry if there was really a threat and I'm neglecting the warning - that means I'm letting it in by using IE.

I stoped it, and start to do some research on Google. The first thing I got was the notice from Google (you can read it here), and then I start to do some more research why FireFox handle suspicious websites better than IE, so I ended up on this guy's blog. That explain that Google and FireFox do have a good relationship, regarding the Google Chrome project. It's a web browser that Google develop by the help of open source web browser (such as FireFox).


Monday, September 22, 2008

VBA: a new adNetwork

I've just get to know VBA (stands for Viral Blog Ads)just about less than an hour ago. At first I thought it was about Visual Basic Application (since I'm a programmer, so that's all in my head). But then again, I have learnt that this is an pay-per click image ad network service. It aims for blogging, so I found it appropriate for me.

This service is "still" at pre-release phase, actually. I also found it quite, questionable. But then again, they show a very interesting fact. That, even that they are still in that phase, they already have a contest running, with abundant prizes.
Here is a short list of what the prizes are:
  • Cash, dollars
  • Review for your blog
  • 125 spot (advertise your site/blog)
  • Cash by PayPal
  • Even design for your logo
and much more.. (you can see the full list, here)


Thursday, September 18, 2008

What to do with a domain?

What I'm about to tell you is an opportunity, that may be usefull for some but meaningless for others (I hope you're belong to the first one). This is about domain-parking service, a service that enables you to take advantage for unused domain (this is as for my example). In case you haven't heard about it before, I hope my short explanation will be helpfull.

Recently I realized that I have a domain, that hasn't been used. I bought this domain almost half a year ago, back then I had a web project which then got suspended till now. I don't know what to do with the domain, since I can't publish my work (project's term). And because of that, all it had been displayed was "Under Construction" page.

But then, I found out about domain parking from this guy, here. Then, I see if I can get along with the idea. Guess what, my domain has a content now, rather than that ordinary "Under Construction" page. And that's not all, I got it monetized!

Yeah, monetized as in money. How did that go? Here how it works for me:
  1. I redirected my domain to SEDO (this is the domain parking service provider)
  2. Then the service provider let me to choose a layout for a page, this page is the replacement for "Under Construction"
  3. The service provider provides space for advertisers to publish their ads on the page
Now, try open MedanLowongan.Net and see what's in it. See the ads? That's where I earn the money from. See the great news, instead of having a suspended website, now I'm having my online income that earns even when I'm sleeping.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time for a new cell phone

Recently, some of my friends have been complained about my cell phone. The main argument was about the "obsolete" of style, or the lack of "update" whatsoever.

Okay, some does think that using a Nokia 3220 on current date is so un-cool. The phone itself is old and, look sturdy. Well, I still using it since it still works just fine. And that's enough with me.

Personally, I don't need some monster-multimedia cellphone, nor do I need some fashion accessories. All I need is a phone that works just how it supposed to work; making calls, text messenging, wireless connection supported. That should be enough.

Oh, I do have some preference on phone that has high durability; such one that can endure unfriendly environment, water-proof, etc. Like this one for example.
Sonim XP1
I don't want to write much about it (since I won't gain any from it), but I was browsing for something in particular with my "late" Siemens *forget the series* .. which less-powerfull than this one; then I though "what the hell, just post this one instead"


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

FrensZone : an online opportunities

I bet most of you already get along with such social network sites, such as Friendster or Facebook, or MySpace (you name it). And so do I. I even already neglecting some of it, since my hands (and soul) is just a single existence; while those social network sites are having high demand on updates, etc. Believe me, with my routine .. no wonder my Friendster got neglected.

But recently, I joined this new (found) social site. That offers me some online earnings. You got to check this out, frenszone!

What's the catch?
Basically, there's no catch. You just use this website and you'll earn your reward points. Well, this social network apply the refferal concept. That means you earn money from reffering other people to join this site and become one of the member. In short term, the more you invite the more you'll earn.

Hey, this is not a pyramid scheme (or what-so-ever). Basically, members don't pay fee to join; and that already eliminates the possibilities that tisSo, if you would like to help me in fulfilling my purpose, get yourself registered.

Regarding the reward points, here is a quote on their statement (hope you'll find it interesting):

Getting Rewarded By Points
You get rewarded with points when you post/upload/vote/comment stuffs like photo, blogs, videos, music on FrensZone. You also get rewarded with points when other members view our profile, blogs, videos, photos and more. For example, you may get 10 points from uploading a photo. Later, you can convert these accumulated points for cash or cool merchandises like mobile phones, mp3 players and more.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Finally, perfect weekend

Since I'm not lifing in "normal" life-cycle (and work-hours), I rarely got the time to call my days as "weekend". While people usually got two of them at the end of every week.

Yea, since I'm up to my ears building my own business, it's hard to settle Saturday and Sunday as weekends. But that doesn't mean that I work 24/7. No..No.. I'm working in a casual-kind of way; I manage my own time. Hence, I got the chance to have some day-offs while other still working his arse to his bone.

And now, it's Sunday and I'm sitting on my desk, alone. Enjoying some music, doing some blogging (which have been neglected for some time). Which then open my mind for a new concept. That I should start do some blog marketting. Hey, I'm opening this blog for some online opportunities, you know.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rainy Days

It's been raining alot recently. Probably it is already the time for the rainy season to start in Indonesia. And I remembered how it was started, with a very thick fog came in a dark morning.

Yeah, I guess we can call it as "a sign" that the rain is coming. And now, it's been raining every single morning. I can't remember whether there was a day which doesn't started with a cold rainy morning. Hey, I don't feel like I supposed to go against that situation. Rain is good actually, for the farmers. And those who is working with plants. This time of year probably is the time they have been waiting for.

So why should I protest against it, huh? Just try to enjoy the cool wind in the morning. It freshen me well, alright.

(image taken from saynotocrack)


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Indonesia : 63rd Independence Day


That means, "free" or "freedom" in some context. Well if you are wondering why am I so excited about it, it is because we - Indonesian - have just celebrate our independence day. Which took place on August 17th.

Yeah, it's few days back. But this is the only time I have the chance to share about me, my country and our independence day. Being a 63-yrs old country, for me, is not supposed to mean anything. But being a soon-to-be-25-years-old citizen is questionable, for I'm not really sure about myself. Have I give something for this country?

Mostly, people demand things, such as comfort, GNP rate, or workers' rate to be raised, and so on - towards the government. But do people realize that they are citizens as well? The same individual who have obligation to support and develop their country?

Okay, for you who live outside Indonesia, paying taxes probably is common things you do periodically. But here, having / registered for tax is something extraordinary! No one avoid tax, since its' existence itself is questionable. "Do we have to?". But me, hey .. I do pay attention to this issue. Not because I have a company that I run (which obviously pay taxes), but also because I am aware how development can be achieved by involving citizens. Well, I can't help it when it comes to road construction, or traffic management. But if my money can help it, I'd like to help.


Friday, July 25, 2008

I have a dog

Who doesn't, huh?

Well, that's quite contrary with me, actually. It's been years since the last time we had a dog (or two). Let's call it, unfriendly-neigborhood factor what was causing it. But now, we have one. Not some breed, just an ordinary "village" dog that most people ignore and can't admire mrgreen

We gave him a name, well.. that's a start on getting involed with something, isn't it? We call him BlackOut, in dedication of our too-often power outage in this city. Funny for some, but a big challenge for others. I realized that. Just like the pre-mentioned situation. This dog, aslo act the same.

What matter for me is how we treat each other, well. Don't you feel so happy, whenever you reach home, there's always someone (in this case, something) waiting for you. He'll wag his tail over-and-again, to show how he missed me..

He won't even let me go, when I just have to leave the house. Aww..wink
I just remembered that this pet story related to this blog, too.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What A Failure Supposed to Mean

A simple writing you should check out..

A failure is not the same thing with a total break-down,
because a failure is a first-hop you have to do to go for the next level.
And remember that being success doesn't always translated in what your efforts result are, or your self prestigious achievement.
Take a better look at your family, friends, and all those who support you all the time.
So if you think you haven't become a success man.. think again about the last thing I said.

Those ain't a poem for I'm not a poet myself. I ain't good at it, but I can enjoy the beauty of words when one arrange it so well (especially when you put your heart in it). I was astonished by the last line. It opened my eyes, to realize that what I have achieve in my line of work isn't the thing that determine SUCCESS itself. How you evolve your family and friends to trust you, is the thing you have to see in a better way.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Gaming Anyone?

I just wondering, if anyone here, which in grown-ups age .. still spending your time in gaming? Like I do, for quite sometime. For me, probably, it's because I have too much time to kill. Being a freelance can be such a pain sometimes. Not because the workload, but in time where I don't have anything to do, things become so .. quite like a graveyard neutral

That's why I start to play some game, not just those that you can find in your local computer. I go for online games, where I have other ppl to talk-to. Hey, I need some social activities, right? I play Gunbound, Ghost Online and Ragnarok Online. For some that are not too "social" I often play Ikariam.

To think that again .. I guess, I'm lack of social activities. The "real" social activities, I meant.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Biggest EntreCard Contest, Ever

Okay, time for me to participate in another contest. This post, actually, is a requirement that I have to do, in order to join The Biggest EntreCard Contest Ever. Hee,hee you can visit that page to read the full post. Because I'm just going to name my prize over here:

>> Aerten Art's Painting <<

Yes, I visited her site.. and I already imagine myself having a painting on my wall. Which I feel much better than book-sized anime posters razz

Okay, now that I have mentioned my prize, I want to give credits to the sponsors who have the courage (or simply, the will) in making this contest become so interesting. I love the way they write the blog. You should give them a visit if you have the chance.


  1. Fantasy Baseball - 10,000ec — You can trade in 10,000ec for, like, Graham’s car or something.
  2. Q3-n - 5000ec — Q3-n is selling their 1950s dinette furniture to finance this contest. They say, “You’re welcome.”
  3. Øblog - 4000ec — Wow! 4000ec is going for like $30 on the Entrecard market. Thanks, Weird Oh.
  4. Evil Woobie - 3000ec — Hey, maybe she’s not so evil after all! Or is she? You make the call!
  5. Turnip of Power - 1001ec — He was going to go with 1000 then he found an extra credit in his couch. Thanks, Turnip!
  6. Celebrity Pictures - 1000ec — Credits were acquired through legal means. Supposedly.
  7. Evil Entrecard Kid! - 1000ec — Entrecard trivia: Evil Woobie and Evil Entrecard Kid are not related. Yet.
  8. Modern Glam - 1000ec — With the 1000ec, perhaps you’ll buy an imaginary 1000ec pashmina and hang it around your virtual neck.
  9. Dot Com Mogul - 1000ec — With this 1000ec, you might be able to buy back Q3-n’s dinette furniture.
  10. Blabberwocky - 1000ec — It’s a play on Jabberwocky.
  11. Looking For Scoop - 1000ec — Nothing says “I can buy one popular ad” like 1000ec.
  12. - 1000ec — And she’ll teach you how she does that weird signature thing. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, look at her site.
  13. Travelin’ Show - 1000ec — Message from the year 2012: Macy’s is now taking credits and a 1000 gets you one earring.
  14. The Hypnotist - 1000ec — She will put you under a spell. Recognize!
  15. Diet Pulpit - 1000ec — You can buy a lot of imaginary rice cakes with 1000ec. Side note, imaginary rice cakes taste better than real ones.
  16. The Realtor - 500ec — You want insight. Listen to her write. It’s like magic beans growing in the backyard of your brain.
  17. Romelo - 500ec — Romelo, Romelo, wherefore art thou 500ec?
  18. - 500ec — With gas prices soaring, it won’t be too long before 500ec goes for 501ec.
  19. Inspire Emotion - 500ec — Almost pay for your favorite 512ec ad!
  20. Sue Doe-Nim - 500ec — She’ll probably give you the credits then mock you for wanting them. That’s right — bonus!
  21. Thailand Land of Smiles - 500ec — Actually, that’s 500 smiles.
  22. FitnessLifeClub - 500ec — You’ll have to promise not to blow these credits on any fattening foods.
  23. Lisa Cooking - 500ec — Surprise the whole family with 500 Entrecard credits.
  24. JunkieYard Dot Com - 500ec — If you put these credits in a 401K, in 45 years you’ll have enough credits for a free e-card.
  25. Movie Reviews - 500ec — You can’t buy a movie ticket with Entrecard credits. Yet. (Graham twirls his mustache. Contemplating world domination.)
Wow, 25 sponsors are involved, no wonder this contest become so BIG (the capital is just for aesthetics).


Sunday, July 6, 2008

PTC as Your Source of Income

Since I spend most of my daily life on the net (yeah, quite ironic for some people) I figure out one thing that I can do to turn this condition into an opportunity cool

I found new ways to earn money from the net. From spending hours without any income at first, now I earn some money for a bit of time I spare. Well, for some, this probably ain't a new issue to concern. But for me, I found it as a very interesting one.

There are so many ways, let alone the illegal one, but I'm not talking about scams or frauds, or even something that is too-technical to do. I realized that all it needs is a dedication for there is no shortcut to become success. And of course, an internet connection to work things out razz

PTC stands for Paid-To-Click, a program that pay us for each advertisement we click. So the name start to make sense, huh? Instead of doing click-frauds on ads program (that can turn into a total wipe out for all the effort we've made) this one works the other way around. So if you start to realize that what you earn is decided from your active effort, you're starting to get the picture of it.

I have joined a number of PTC site, and what I get is really making me feel excited. Of course, after some time. Here is my list:

But as a pre-condition to gain our payment, I have to explain about AlertPay. This is a middle account manager for us to use. A save method to do transaction from the net, I may say. Why? Because providing your financial data (Credit Card information, etc.) to an unsecured web-site, is a very silly thing to do.

So just to make sure, we're not going to spread the info wildly, just keep it on a trusted site .. and use the trusted site for the outter business. Well, there is some fee that is going to be charged, for this third-party service, but I say it's worth it.

So for a quite jump to the registration form please click here.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Browse for Internet Contest

I've been trying to do some work to get extra income from the internet, and it works after a while (there ain't no shortcut for this, you know). I've got my first review task a couple of days ago, I also went for PTC just now. And as I dropped my EntreCard on various sites I visited, I found this one, which offers many internet contest.

It's A.B.C. - About Blog Contest

A site that offers you so many choices and opportunities. All you need to prepare is a blog, so if you yourself is a blogger, I suggest you to take advantage on this. Who know you'll win prizes from any published contest you can find there. Oh, the prize also varies; from entrecard credits, cash, free-domain, even gadgets and so much more.

Personal point-of-view, if you have the time to join some contest, you better do. Instead of wasting your time on the internet for something unworthed (if I may say). I still got tons of things to do before I can join any contest, but if I (hopefully) one day win; there will be an annoucement posted right here mrgreen


Monday, June 30, 2008

Snapbomb: An easy start for your blog advertising

One of the available ways to gain income from internet, is to do a review job. That's where you get paid for some articles you wrote on your own; regarding products, issues, events, etc. Lately, I noticed that there was this buzz regarding sites that provide you with opportunities to do a review job. And there I was, trying to submit this blog to various PTR sites.

But all my effort ended-up to no avail, since most of the sites put some quite-high requirements before getting their approval. With a blog as new as this one, almost every blog advertising or blog marketting sites become unwilling to grant me their apporval, let alone getting the job sad

Well, that's enough with all the sad stories. Now, I have a good news for you, especially for you who have been trying to start a successful blog advertising and don't know where to make your first move (just like I did), visit Snapbomb.

Why am I consider that this blog advertising application as something different? The main reason is : it requires not as much as other sites do.
It doesn't requires a blog with high Page Rank, nor it requires a blog must be at certain age old to be approved. As a matter of fact, I have tried it myself. And that's the reason you are reading this article from the first place biggrin

So give it a try, and see if you can find yourself some jobs to do. As you grow, new opportunity will be opened for you, and the reward will be growing by time.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Want to Win $25 Cash

I'm participating another blog contest mrgreen Yes, it seems I'm in the mood for getting my hand on prizes lately. Can't blame the world for it, huh?

This contest is quite similar with the previous one. And here I start to do the third step, as it is listed in the requirements. For the full how-to you can go here: Win $25 Cash and Other Fabulous Prizes at - Life and Me)

Oh, if you still not sure whether you should participate or not, I'll give you some clue for what you may miss (if you skip this chance):
  1. $25USD
  2. Indonesian Batik Clothes
  3. One 125x125 ad spot for 1 month
  4. 4x500 EC points
  5. 500ec + 125x125 ad spot for 2 weeks
  6. 500ec
  7. one 125x125 ad spot for one month
and a BONUS PRIZE : 10x100ec for 10 best post!

This contest is OPEN for anybody that has a blog and a PayPal account. And of course, get yourself an EntreCard account in case you win the EC-credits wink

So if you feel like interested, participate in this contest, like I did. Make your best post about this contest for you may (at least) get the BONUS PRIZE in case you fail to win (for the winner is help choosen with


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ikariam : Online Browser Game

I've just got intorduced to a new online game. It's called Ikariam. If some of you think that this is an obsolete info, well, for me it's still new.

The type of game is Strategy, and it's an online browser game. Which means, you can play it online just by using your usual web-browser without any un-neccessary installation of whatsoever. For you who already getting fammiliar with Age of Empire or Stronghold Crussader, this game is just like those I've mentioned. So I assume, it won't be so hard for you.

The game is taking place in ancient Greek, where people still pilage one against another, and Gods are to be worshiped in a good way. You will be provided with a small town as a start, for you to go to your place in the ranks. Develop your society and defense your town from others, as you unreveiled more and more features for your town.

Overall, I enjoyed this game. For it is a continous kind one, that means, even when I close my browser - the game and progress still being carried out. And I can do other activities for myself.


Smiley for Blogger

If you notice, I use smiley in this blog (just to show how expressive person, I am) biggrin
The credit goes to WolverinX02 for the script and tutorials, and as a sign of gratitude, I'll put his link (as he requested).