Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Payoneer Card has Arrived

Yay! Finally I got my hands on the shipped Payoneer Card I've been requested. Well, it's been on my bed for the whole previouse week, actually. But what can I say, my last assignment took me out of town for some time. But now, I'm having the card well-kept in my wallet, for it's another step for me to start my internet income activities.

I signed up for Payoneer since I'm in need to validate my PayPal account. Yes, I registered myself for a PayPal account in order to have a good paying solution that can handle my online transactions. Why do I need one? Because the earnings, of course. It's been a while since I started to receive my payments you know.
And what does a Payoneer Card has to do with PayPal? Well, there's a story for that. And I'll share it with you

You see, you can have your PayPal account as easy as fillin' in the registration form. After the registration, you'll get your account (activated through email) and then voila.. an account is available to handle your payments. But what happens after you have the funds deposited on your PayPal account?

Here's the difference:
If you're still an unverified user, which means you haven't add any Credit Card or Debit Card details, you can not withdraw your fund to your local bank account. But still, you can use it to transfer the fund to others. But the story would be different if you're an verified user.. please conclude yourself the advantages. For me, I don't have the qualification for any Credit Card application, because being a freelance did produce some limitations at that department. But since PayPal also accept Debit Card info for the verification process, then I signed up for a Payoneer Card.

But the sign-up process itself, was quite tricky. Because Payoneer don't accept direct application, I have to sign myself on one of their affiliate merchant (or something like that). And from so many of their kind, I chose ReviewMe instead. This was done not without any thoughts. I chose a paid-review program since I intend to take a part in one of those money-making program.

The Payoneer Card application is provided on the ReviewMe registration form. On the section where I supposed to mention what Payment Method should I use. There was the check box for "Payoneer Debit Card" so I checked it, which then brought me to another registration form (belongs to Payoneer).. So I fill the required fields as instructed.

It didn't take a week, when I received the notification notice from Payoneer that my application had been approved. The only "lame" thing to faced was that they informed me, the shipping process might last for 30-days. Man, that was long waiting.

But since I was quite occupied back then, I never realize how fast time could fly. And now, here I am with my Payoneer Card. Activated, and ready to loaded!

I'm just one step away from getting my PayPal account verified.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Been Busy

As you can see, it's getting pretty "seldom" for me to update this blog. Why? Because I can't manage my time-schedule. Why? Because everything keep on coming, like a tidal wave.

It's so annoying when there were times I don't have anything to do, totally. But some other times, I have it up to my ears! Aargh.. These projects is taking all my resources, all my strength and the most important all my time. Didn't got proper sleeping as well (like hell I have one).

But the least I can do is to give my support to all my friends. Well, not all, actually. Some still got left behind since the favor requested is damn too much for me to handle. My programming skill ain't developed lately. Neither does my social activities.

It's lame, I know it sounded like one. But what else can I do? The pay is worth the effort, anyway.
Just now, I received a payment I got from one of the internet income activities I've been conduct (we can say "online income" aslo). It's a payment for one of my task in blogsvertise. To think I did write the previous paragraph, I say .. I'll keep on rolling.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008 Way to Enjoy Footbal

Do you love football? If you do, then you probably define "quality time" as having the chance to watch your favorite football show. And what do you do when you don't have the time to do so?

I suggest you try the web tv approach on football. Yes, it does exists, thanks to Carlslberg. They have launced a new web-tv channel that broadcast 5 channel of all aspects about football.

Don't believe that it's true? Then try it yourself and see how the glory of football has brought to the web. Visit a Carlsberg web-tv. Here you can watch any video related to football, from the classic football matches to life as a fan.

Be sure not to miss the video clips about football funnies and rituals from the Football Magic channel.

As an extra feature you can upload your own favourite football moments. Even, if you’ve found the videos on YouTube etc.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

BackLinks does Pay

I'm finally able to get ack again after some time, huh? Been busy lately for a bunch of offline issues. Let say, I have to earn money for my daily needs. nd believe me, being a freelance doesn't means you'll be free all te time.

Okay, if my offline business pays me better than this blog. Why did I bother to come back? Hee,hee.. that's because I found a suprising fact, that one of my passive-income method earns me money.

The recent payment I got was from BackLinks. A link exchange program, that let you make a use for those spaces you may have on your blog. It's not a scam like some that I used to have here (ripped it off since I didn't win the contest).

The requirements for BackLinks program, may exclude you from the opportunity, if you're host your blog at wordpress or blogspot. So, and blogspot users, this isn't your stuff. Sorry about that, but I have to be honest, so you can save your time.

But if you're a self-hosted Wordpress user. Then follow up.
Like MedanIT, which is a self-hosted Wordpress blog. Adding the BackLinks script code, is possible for them. Hence, dollars is flowing inside the treasury. Hee,hee.