Monday, October 20, 2008

Restoring Data from Formatted Hard-Disk, it's possible

I was dealing with a complicated issues, back few days ago. To wrap it in a simple way; It's a hard-disk that belongs to my client, which contains important data, but cannot be accessed due to file system error.

It caused a havoc, since he only had so little time before his scheduled back to leave Medan. And I never dealt with this kind of problem before. Usually, when someone came to me with a file system error. All I did was format the hard disk, and voila.. it became usable once more. But of course, without any data .. fresh, empty as new!

Well, then I get to know Get Data Back. A software that you can download and use locally, to restore any data from your hard-disk (either those who were unintentionally deleted or intentionally formatted )

Firstly, I tried to use my Ubuntu (Linux) to see if I can mount and bypass the file system error. But if failed, since Ubuntu isn't really good dealing with NTFS. That made me frustated and start to do some search and ask alot of people in many forums. Then someone told me to use this Get Data Back.

Actually, I forgot to confirm if it can deal with NTFS, my bad. Fortunately, it is capable to deal with NTFS! What a relieve.
You can download the program from here:

Download it to your local folder, and double click to run the installation process. It's easy, believe me. I say, anyone who in need with restoring their lost files or whoever dwells in this kind of field, should have this great software.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Ask2Links for Earnings

I've been thinking, what to do with those extra space I have with this blog. Well, selling ads of course. But then again, choosing a very "profit-able" one is quite a fuzz for me (since I'm new in this field). So I asked one of my blog friends regarding this, and he introduced me to Ask2Links!

Earn money from your website/blog by, selling text links, banner ads - Advertisers can, buy links, from your blog for SEO. Get paid through PayPal

He said that this service is better than Google Adsense (in terms of selling values of the TextAds). Well I thought it was just some promotion that buzz most people. But to see his earnings, $12 per month for one TextAds sure amazed me!

Well, since this blog of mine already reached Alexa Rank less than 2million (with no PR), and I already have my own PayPal account; I decided to join. Who knows what it'll bring, huh?


Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Earning from Google Adsense

Hey, look what did I found out today. It's a report of my Google Adsense for September. I was almost fell from the chair, really.

Well, #3.03 is not much actually (in comparison with those advance users). But I found it quite motivating. Why? Because I only start to use Google Adsense since September, actually. Yeah, I just use added the widget without learning any further techniques or strategies (which I'd start to do soon).

You know what does Google Adsense feature that impressed me so much? It's the Impression part. Yeah, whether visitors click your shown ads or not, the impression is counted. And that makes Google Adsense different from PPC programme. Hee,hee okay just want to share the good news. Got to learn more, and much more.