Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shop till you drop, but save the money

I just had a chat with my friend that live in the US. He's married, and he said that he forgot to invite me. Darn! I knew I couldn't possibly attend the wedding ceremony, but what hurt could it do if he invited me, huh?

Okay, enough with the upset, now what I'm going to share. Is related to the news he delivered to me. It's about shopping over there. Well, I'm not much into shopping things. But he is definitly someone that do the shopping like girls (*LOL* no offence for all girls out there).

My friend mentioned about shopping coupons that can reduce prize!

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ziddu Hosted Malware (a question)

Last night I was intended to access my ziddu account, to upload a song (The Cardigans Feat. Tom Jones - Burning Down the House) since I don't want to have it deleted by someone else in the future; I like this song, especially The Cardigans is my favorit band on the moon.

Okay, back to the upload thing. When I opened ziddu.com the web browser I'm using (that is FireFox) shows a notice:

"What the ..." was the thing that crossed my mind. So I try to open it with another browser that was installed on my laptop, Internet Explorer and no such notice or warning shown. It didn't pleased me instantly, because now I'm starting to worry if there was really a threat and I'm neglecting the warning - that means I'm letting it in by using IE.

I stoped it, and start to do some research on Google. The first thing I got was the notice from Google (you can read it here), and then I start to do some more research why FireFox handle suspicious websites better than IE, so I ended up on this guy's blog. That explain that Google and FireFox do have a good relationship, regarding the Google Chrome project. It's a web browser that Google develop by the help of open source web browser (such as FireFox).


Monday, September 22, 2008

VBA: a new adNetwork

I've just get to know VBA (stands for Viral Blog Ads)just about less than an hour ago. At first I thought it was about Visual Basic Application (since I'm a programmer, so that's all in my head). But then again, I have learnt that this is an pay-per click image ad network service. It aims for blogging, so I found it appropriate for me.

This service is "still" at pre-release phase, actually. I also found it quite, questionable. But then again, they show a very interesting fact. That, even that they are still in that phase, they already have a contest running, with abundant prizes.
Here is a short list of what the prizes are:
  • Cash, dollars
  • Review for your blog
  • 125 spot (advertise your site/blog)
  • Cash by PayPal
  • Even design for your logo
and much more.. (you can see the full list, here)


Thursday, September 18, 2008

What to do with a domain?

What I'm about to tell you is an opportunity, that may be usefull for some but meaningless for others (I hope you're belong to the first one). This is about domain-parking service, a service that enables you to take advantage for unused domain (this is as for my example). In case you haven't heard about it before, I hope my short explanation will be helpfull.

Recently I realized that I have a domain, that hasn't been used. I bought this domain almost half a year ago, back then I had a web project which then got suspended till now. I don't know what to do with the domain, since I can't publish my work (project's term). And because of that, all it had been displayed was "Under Construction" page.

But then, I found out about domain parking from this guy, here. Then, I see if I can get along with the idea. Guess what, my domain has a content now, rather than that ordinary "Under Construction" page. And that's not all, I got it monetized!

Yeah, monetized as in money. How did that go? Here how it works for me:
  1. I redirected my domain to SEDO (this is the domain parking service provider)
  2. Then the service provider let me to choose a layout for a page, this page is the replacement for "Under Construction"
  3. The service provider provides space for advertisers to publish their ads on the page
Now, try open MedanLowongan.Net and see what's in it. See the ads? That's where I earn the money from. See the great news, instead of having a suspended website, now I'm having my online income that earns even when I'm sleeping.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time for a new cell phone

Recently, some of my friends have been complained about my cell phone. The main argument was about the "obsolete" of style, or the lack of "update" whatsoever.

Okay, some does think that using a Nokia 3220 on current date is so un-cool. The phone itself is old and, look sturdy. Well, I still using it since it still works just fine. And that's enough with me.

Personally, I don't need some monster-multimedia cellphone, nor do I need some fashion accessories. All I need is a phone that works just how it supposed to work; making calls, text messenging, wireless connection supported. That should be enough.

Oh, I do have some preference on phone that has high durability; such one that can endure unfriendly environment, water-proof, etc. Like this one for example.
Sonim XP1
I don't want to write much about it (since I won't gain any from it), but I was browsing for something in particular with my "late" Siemens *forget the series* .. which less-powerfull than this one; then I though "what the hell, just post this one instead"


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

FrensZone : an online opportunities

I bet most of you already get along with such social network sites, such as Friendster or Facebook, or MySpace (you name it). And so do I. I even already neglecting some of it, since my hands (and soul) is just a single existence; while those social network sites are having high demand on updates, etc. Believe me, with my routine .. no wonder my Friendster got neglected.

But recently, I joined this new (found) social site. That offers me some online earnings. You got to check this out, frenszone!

What's the catch?
Basically, there's no catch. You just use this website and you'll earn your reward points. Well, this social network apply the refferal concept. That means you earn money from reffering other people to join this site and become one of the member. In short term, the more you invite the more you'll earn.

Hey, this is not a pyramid scheme (or what-so-ever). Basically, members don't pay fee to join; and that already eliminates the possibilities that tisSo, if you would like to help me in fulfilling my purpose, get yourself registered.

Regarding the reward points, here is a quote on their statement (hope you'll find it interesting):

Getting Rewarded By Points
You get rewarded with points when you post/upload/vote/comment stuffs like photo, blogs, videos, music on FrensZone. You also get rewarded with points when other members view our profile, blogs, videos, photos and more. For example, you may get 10 points from uploading a photo. Later, you can convert these accumulated points for cash or cool merchandises like mobile phones, mp3 players and more.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Finally, perfect weekend

Since I'm not lifing in "normal" life-cycle (and work-hours), I rarely got the time to call my days as "weekend". While people usually got two of them at the end of every week.

Yea, since I'm up to my ears building my own business, it's hard to settle Saturday and Sunday as weekends. But that doesn't mean that I work 24/7. No..No.. I'm working in a casual-kind of way; I manage my own time. Hence, I got the chance to have some day-offs while other still working his arse to his bone.

And now, it's Sunday and I'm sitting on my desk, alone. Enjoying some music, doing some blogging (which have been neglected for some time). Which then open my mind for a new concept. That I should start do some blog marketting. Hey, I'm opening this blog for some online opportunities, you know.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rainy Days

It's been raining alot recently. Probably it is already the time for the rainy season to start in Indonesia. And I remembered how it was started, with a very thick fog came in a dark morning.

Yeah, I guess we can call it as "a sign" that the rain is coming. And now, it's been raining every single morning. I can't remember whether there was a day which doesn't started with a cold rainy morning. Hey, I don't feel like I supposed to go against that situation. Rain is good actually, for the farmers. And those who is working with plants. This time of year probably is the time they have been waiting for.

So why should I protest against it, huh? Just try to enjoy the cool wind in the morning. It freshen me well, alright.

(image taken from saynotocrack)