Thursday, October 22, 2009

Facebook Smiley

I think everyone is getting hooked with this so-called social-networking site: Facebook. Even mobile phones come with built-in apps for their users. Now after a serious self-thinking, I have realized that during my online session, I always have a Facebook tab opened for me. That's because I have this huge affection towards Restaurant City (owning my own restaurant, sounds perfect).

Yes, Facebook provide you with almost everything, starting from social-networking features (and that huge traffic of status updates), application and games (and the competition among Facebookers they bring) - but what fascinate me when I use Facebook for the very first time: is its chat window.

It is a great convenience for me to be able to chat with others, during games without need to be irritated with alt+tab keys (for switching between windows). Especially with those big flash games, that consume lots and lots of CPU resources.

And now I'm going to share the Facebook Emoticon collection I've gathered (all rights reserved). Let see if we're talking about the same thing:

If you want the complete set, you can have it here: Download Facebook Emoticons

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