Monday, February 15, 2010

1000 Words A Day Challenge

Take a moment to pause a bit, and think about what you have done with your blog (or your twitter, etc.) up till now. Have you been making the most of you. Making the most of your blog (or your twitter, etc.) for all this time?. Would you like to have the chance to turn all of those internet publishing means of yours into something that is more productive?

Inkygirl is telling a way to do so. By means of a self-motivation movement, that is called 1000 Words A Day Challenge.

The aim is to self-motivate yourself, in making 1000 words of writing (either through your blog, twitter, etc.) So that you will be constantly shaping yourself into a good writer.

I know this sounds hard, but despite the hardship, you should see the power that will keep you up for being a writer, a blogger. Well, for me, myself. I gave this challenge a deep-thought, in order to grow this blog into a better place for people to land.

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