Monday, January 19, 2009

MoreNiche: Learn and Earn to Affiliate

Do you want to have a source of internet income? Do you want to learn affiliate program? If the answer is yes, then you should read this article to the end, and join MoreNiche for real.

Because I found a very enlighting statement in the forum (yes they have forum to discuss things): that you need to sell! It's true that you'll get your bonus as soon you join the program, but you need to sell the affiliate products or services for sure.

MoreNiche Affiliate Program
Is it hard?
Hey, there's no shortcut to do this kind of business. But if you have the dedication and willing to learn, than that's all you need. Here's a place where you can find so many helping hands. Forum exists to help you discuss with other members, e-book are available for you to read (so that you can learn the tricks in the business); and much more

  • They will tell you how to start for free
  • They will tell you how to start building a website
  • They will tell you how to generate traffic
  • They will tell you how to hide your affiliate links
  • They will tell you all you need to know to start making money

When signing up for MN you will start receiving bonuses up-to the total of $45. These bonuses will be awarded for the following actions:
  • Joining MoreNiche™ - To help you get started MoreNiche will deposit $15 into your new MoreNiche™ account
    You will get this bonus once your account is approved. This might take a few days, but if you have signed up for MN without cheating, your account will be accredited once approved.
  • Uploading your links - Once you update your links to your website/blog/director or alternative marketing platform MoreNiche™ will add a further $10 into your account.
    Don´t worry, the tracking is done automatically and you will get your bonus in time.
  • Generating visitors - By sending just 100 visitors to your website we will automatically add another $10 into your MoreNiche™ account. Again, the tracking for this is done automatically
  • Posting on the forum - Contributing on the MoreNiche forum will also result in nice bonuses for your account, once you have posted 50 times $10 will be added to your account. Don´t think that you can just post “great” “wonderful” “congratulations” or whateve other type of lazy post, they won´t count. Introduce yourself to the forum and participate in a usefull way and you will get that bonus in no time.
  • Referring your friend - For every friend you send to MoreNiche we will deposit all of these bonuses into their account also. Once they make their first sale we will also add $20 + 5% commission into your account. You will make 5% of their commission for life.

Thanks for Nichive for sharing the info.

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