Monday, January 26, 2009

The Sims 2 is in my grasp now

If you need a game that could make you stay long enough in front of a computer,
or if you want a game that filled with so many features and surprises,
or if you ever need a game that is more complex than an ordinary strategy game,
then The Sims2 is what you need!

I remember the very first time I tried a predecessor version of it, The Sims, I spent 11 straight hours just to "try" it. And now I got my hands on The Sims2, finally. Yep, the effect is even greater than before. I managed to neglect most of my blogging tasks *LOL* But hey, I deserve some recreational means during this hard-times.

I was surprised how life continues in The Sims, we can find the Goth Family!
With Mortimer and Rebbeca as well. But there was a story about Bella chose different path. Hey, it adds some interesting points for the game itself. Employer messing up with it's maid *that's hillarious*

I'm not into any cheating codes, unless I'd have finished the game solely. So, this is it. No Cheats over here!

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