Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women Low Cut Jeans

Low Cut from Waist to
Low-cut jeans are those style of jeans where its waistband part measured 7″ to 8-½” from the crotch. Because of this, these type of jeans will only reach the area 3 inches below the waist, so they have to be tight-enough around the hips. Otherwise falling-down is definitely  its direction.
As previously described, low cut jeans are worn only up to the area before the waist. For women, which has larger hip than man, this style visually make the hip area look larger and making the length of leg look shorter. But it comes with some consequences; this kind of jeans is flattering especially for women with concave stomach.

Yes, women low rise jeans, isn’t one style that will suite everybody.
You maybe one of some people that are having hard time wearing this type of jeans, either it’s because your body figure, or the insecure feeling you’ve got when it comes to hiding others from seeing your panties. Well, it’s good if you finally realize that your body figure is the reason you don’t look sexier in this type of jeans.

Getting the perfect fit is important with low cut jeans. Some even alter the hip part so it will rest tight on the “love handles”. Thus this kind of jeans provide an extra comfort because they go with the shape of the body.

An additional challenge of women low cut jeans is that the center back seam is also significantly shorter than other type of jeans. This can result in showing the back side area, more than what others want to see. Usually this happens when one bends over or sits down. To make it simple: there is just not enough fabric to cover the buttock area once bent. But some find this as an advantage, usually for those that want to flash things up, for example sexy underwear they’re wearing or that tattoo that cannot be seen if they get covered by pants fabric material.

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