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Women Low Rise Jeans

Women Low Rise Jeans

Women Low Rise Pants

Posted: 10 Mar 2011 10:03 PM PST


Hip Hugger in 1970s

The rise in a pair of pants is the measured distance between the crotch of the pant and the waist. Low-rise pants are characterized by a short rise that sits notably below the belly button instead of at the waist. The first low-rise pants were denim hip huggers, worn in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Hip huggers in this early stage did feature a lower rise, but often were only an inch or two below the belly button. These low-rise jeans were often very snug to the knee and then flared into bell-bottoms. With hip hugger low-rise jeans, nothing between waist and knee was left to the imagination because of their form fitting style. Many hip hugger wearers joked about having to pour themselves into the jeans.

Women pants are eye-catching pants that combine curve-flattering style with a low-cut waist. If the women have long legs and good and a somewhat flat tummy, pants would look really sexy. But this type of pants usually has a waistband so low that they do display the top part of the buttocks, especially if you bend over, squat down or simply when you sit.


Women Low Rise Pants

Because of that exposure, some have declared them to be indecent (even an Italian seaside town is planning ban towards such fashion). When women wear them, it will be considered as fashionable as long as it doesn’t let the underwear to be shown above the waistline. To avoid from being considered in-cognizant, some women work an easy way by wearing a top that covers the back side when one bends over, to solves this problem. Some women do insist on wearing thongs that are high cut and plainly visible above the low-rises jeans. This is considered not classy and a fashion faux pas. Meanwhile, others choose to wear bikini style underwear that surely will make them feel their best as a woman.

Though not everyone enjoys wearing low-rise pants, many admit that a slightly lower rise in pants is figure flattering. Pants that sit just above the hipbone, instead of fitting at the waist elongate the body figure. Many now make fun of the higher waist style of jeans more typical of the past, calling them “mom jeans.” Several comedy shows have poked fun at the high waist jean in this manner, as only suited to moms of a certain age.

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