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Women Low Rise Jeans

Women Low Rise Jeans

Fashionable Tips

Posted: 11 Aug 2011 02:15 PM PDT

butt crack being visible in low rise jeans

Sexy Butt Crack in Low Rise Jeans

As a popular fashion issue among women, low rise jeans has an additional challenge for girls. Women low rise jeans have quite short center back seam. When someone wearing low-rise jeans bends over, it often reveals more of the buttock area than most of us want to see. This is necessary in order to look good, in a fashionable way, without unnecessarily showing three inches of butt crack when you wear them.

Clearly then, while low-rise jeans are very comfortable, they do have some challenges when wearing them. These challenges though, can always be overcome with some simple techniques and ideas.

Tips on Wearing Low Rise Jeans for Women

  • Perfectly Fit Hip in Low Rise Jeans

    Perfect Fit on Hip

    When you’re just about to pick one of the jeans from the shop, never hesitate to take it with you to the fitting room. Make sure that the jeans you’re about to buy fits well on your hips, that is why this type of jeans are known also as “hip huggers” That’s why the hip part is important and should be the focus of your attention. If you feel like the waist part is somehow uncomfortable or-whatsoever, do not see it as a major problem, you can always have a tailor to alter the measurement.

  • Showing Underwear

    No more hidden panties

    If you are wearing a very low rise jeans, then you might want to choose a right panties because your underwear is no longer always hidden. A low rise panties usually offer you comfort and provide an attractive look, if your jeans giving others the chance to view as of what inside. If you need to be look even sexier, then your best option is to wear a low rise jeans thong. That will definitely blow out the crowd’s mind. Avoid wearing grandpa’s underwear, it’ll definitely a fashion disaster for you.

  • Low Rise Jeans with Belt

    Thick belt for low rise jeans

    For your first time experience, if you need to make sure that the jeans will stay on its designated place, wear a belt. Thick belt looks good on low rise jeans.

  • If you have a problem with your belly area, such as fat stomach, wear a blouse that reaches to your waist. It will help to hide the spot that you don’t want other to pay attention to.
  • Realize this; low rise jeans shouldn’t be your every-day’s apparel. This type of jeans is known to put pressure on your nerves and might affecting your health in a bad way.

Picking the right style of your low rise jeans and matching it with the right accessories will give you much confidence stepping out of the door in the outfit, unless you’re a plus size women (which gain high probability of not-so-good with this type of jeans), so be yourself!

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