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Women Low Rise Jeans

Women Low Rise Jeans

Low Rise Jeans for A Fashion Look

Posted: 13 Aug 2011 02:14 PM PDT

Low-rise jeans – or so they called hipster, hip-huggers and low-riders – are meant to be dressed in quite low on the hips, either its' to sit low on, or below the hips. Usually they sit around 3-inches lower than the belly button. These type of jeans will definitely display more skin at the waist, torso, and hips. Thanks to its lower cut on the waist. As a result, they are sometimes worn in combination with shorter crop tops, giving a foretaste of skin between the jeans and the top, or (usually in the summer or in warmer countries) showing their entire midriff including the belly button.

Women Low Rise Jeans

Women Low Rise Jeans

Low-rise jeans present the illusion of shorter legs, but a longer torso. That’s why, low-rise jeans typically look best on people with a short torso and lengthy legs, in order to elongate the body while keeping a proportional look. Also, women buttocks is supposedly said to appear smaller in low-rise jeans.

If you are interested in low-rise jeans, then you will find it easy enough in the marketplace, almost every brand name has their supply of low-rise jeans (mostly for women); name it Diesel, or Lee, – and even those designer jeans such as Guess, they all have this women-privileged style . Currently, these kind of jeans are manufactured in many styles, and despite the fact that tight jeans are usually the most popular, they also exist in loose, baggy, flare and destroyed style. And believe it or not, since low-rise jeans have become so popular, manufacturers have also begun making low-rise styles of other kinds of pants. Check out your local stores, you will see tons of variety available. Indeed, low-slung jeans, especially tight black styles, have become increasingly popular in the more recent hipster scene.

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