Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Earning from Google Adsense

Hey, look what did I found out today. It's a report of my Google Adsense for September. I was almost fell from the chair, really.

Well, #3.03 is not much actually (in comparison with those advance users). But I found it quite motivating. Why? Because I only start to use Google Adsense since September, actually. Yeah, I just use added the widget without learning any further techniques or strategies (which I'd start to do soon).

You know what does Google Adsense feature that impressed me so much? It's the Impression part. Yeah, whether visitors click your shown ads or not, the impression is counted. And that makes Google Adsense different from PPC programme. Hee,hee okay just want to share the good news. Got to learn more, and much more.


kuanhoong said...

Congratulations!! You will be happy when it is USD 10. Then you will be getting your AdSense PIN number. By then you will be looking for your first USD100.

Nich said...

err, is there will be different features when I got my PIN number (further, the USD100) ?