Thursday, November 13, 2008

Been Busy

As you can see, it's getting pretty "seldom" for me to update this blog. Why? Because I can't manage my time-schedule. Why? Because everything keep on coming, like a tidal wave.

It's so annoying when there were times I don't have anything to do, totally. But some other times, I have it up to my ears! Aargh.. These projects is taking all my resources, all my strength and the most important all my time. Didn't got proper sleeping as well (like hell I have one).

But the least I can do is to give my support to all my friends. Well, not all, actually. Some still got left behind since the favor requested is damn too much for me to handle. My programming skill ain't developed lately. Neither does my social activities.

It's lame, I know it sounded like one. But what else can I do? The pay is worth the effort, anyway.
Just now, I received a payment I got from one of the internet income activities I've been conduct (we can say "online income" aslo). It's a payment for one of my task in blogsvertise. To think I did write the previous paragraph, I say .. I'll keep on rolling.

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