Sunday, November 2, 2008

BackLinks does Pay

I'm finally able to get ack again after some time, huh? Been busy lately for a bunch of offline issues. Let say, I have to earn money for my daily needs. nd believe me, being a freelance doesn't means you'll be free all te time.

Okay, if my offline business pays me better than this blog. Why did I bother to come back? Hee,hee.. that's because I found a suprising fact, that one of my passive-income method earns me money.

The recent payment I got was from BackLinks. A link exchange program, that let you make a use for those spaces you may have on your blog. It's not a scam like some that I used to have here (ripped it off since I didn't win the contest).

The requirements for BackLinks program, may exclude you from the opportunity, if you're host your blog at wordpress or blogspot. So, and blogspot users, this isn't your stuff. Sorry about that, but I have to be honest, so you can save your time.

But if you're a self-hosted Wordpress user. Then follow up.
Like MedanIT, which is a self-hosted Wordpress blog. Adding the BackLinks script code, is possible for them. Hence, dollars is flowing inside the treasury. Hee,hee.

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