Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PartofTheGame.tv:New Way to Enjoy Footbal

Do you love football? If you do, then you probably define "quality time" as having the chance to watch your favorite football show. And what do you do when you don't have the time to do so?

I suggest you try the web tv approach on football. Yes, it does exists, thanks to Carlslberg. They have launced a new web-tv channel that broadcast 5 channel of all aspects about football.

Don't believe that it's true? Then try it yourself and see how the glory of football has brought to the web. Visit www.partofthegame.tv a Carlsberg web-tv. Here you can watch any video related to football, from the classic football matches to life as a fan.

Be sure not to miss the video clips about football funnies and rituals from the Football Magic channel.

As an extra feature you can upload your own favourite football moments. Even, if you’ve found the videos on YouTube etc.

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