Sunday, June 29, 2008

Want to Win $25 Cash

I'm participating another blog contest mrgreen Yes, it seems I'm in the mood for getting my hand on prizes lately. Can't blame the world for it, huh?

This contest is quite similar with the previous one. And here I start to do the third step, as it is listed in the requirements. For the full how-to you can go here: Win $25 Cash and Other Fabulous Prizes at - Life and Me)

Oh, if you still not sure whether you should participate or not, I'll give you some clue for what you may miss (if you skip this chance):
  1. $25USD
  2. Indonesian Batik Clothes
  3. One 125x125 ad spot for 1 month
  4. 4x500 EC points
  5. 500ec + 125x125 ad spot for 2 weeks
  6. 500ec
  7. one 125x125 ad spot for one month
and a BONUS PRIZE : 10x100ec for 10 best post!

This contest is OPEN for anybody that has a blog and a PayPal account. And of course, get yourself an EntreCard account in case you win the EC-credits wink

So if you feel like interested, participate in this contest, like I did. Make your best post about this contest for you may (at least) get the BONUS PRIZE in case you fail to win (for the winner is help choosen with

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