Monday, June 30, 2008

Snapbomb: An easy start for your blog advertising

One of the available ways to gain income from internet, is to do a review job. That's where you get paid for some articles you wrote on your own; regarding products, issues, events, etc. Lately, I noticed that there was this buzz regarding sites that provide you with opportunities to do a review job. And there I was, trying to submit this blog to various PTR sites.

But all my effort ended-up to no avail, since most of the sites put some quite-high requirements before getting their approval. With a blog as new as this one, almost every blog advertising or blog marketting sites become unwilling to grant me their apporval, let alone getting the job sad

Well, that's enough with all the sad stories. Now, I have a good news for you, especially for you who have been trying to start a successful blog advertising and don't know where to make your first move (just like I did), visit Snapbomb.

Why am I consider that this blog advertising application as something different? The main reason is : it requires not as much as other sites do.
It doesn't requires a blog with high Page Rank, nor it requires a blog must be at certain age old to be approved. As a matter of fact, I have tried it myself. And that's the reason you are reading this article from the first place biggrin

So give it a try, and see if you can find yourself some jobs to do. As you grow, new opportunity will be opened for you, and the reward will be growing by time.


Blogging Buddha said...

I haven't even heard of snapbomb before...I vl give it a try

Nich said...

thanks for the visit :)