Thursday, June 19, 2008

Win Cash and Entrecard Credits at

If you have an EntreCard account, then this contest is a must for you. You can win credits by participating in this contest mrgreen

For me, well, this is my very first EC contest I follow. I don't have any bad thoughts about this issue, just hoping for some luck will come. Thanks for opening up, there.'s 1st Contest<

The good lookin Prizes:

    1st Prize:
    • 200$ PayPal
    • 1500 Entrecards

    2nd Prize:
    • 100$ PayPal
    • 900 Entrecards

    3rd Prize:
    • 50$ PayPal
    • 500 Entrecards

I dont have e-gold or moneybookers account and hence i would only be able to pay via PayPal. Yea i do have an account which is empty, but that doesnt count does it.
How to Participate:
Required - Earn 1 Ticket: You can earn a single ticket by subscribing to RSS Feeds via email. You can do this via sidebar.
Earn 5 Tickets: Have 15 comments in this Blog and you will win 5 tickets. The Email address while commenting will be used for the draw. You will earn 5 Tickets for each 15 comments. 10 for 30 comments and so on.
Earn 24 Tickets: You can earn 24 tickets if you do a blog post about this contest with a link of this post ofcourse in your blog. You will need to comment the post url so that i can verify and add your entry to the contest. The Email address while commenting will be used for the draw.

These were the methods through which you can earn tickets and win. So if you do all of them you can earn 30 Tickets(If your doing only 15 comments and 30+ when you dont stop and start earning tickets like a maniac). So more the number of tickets more the chances to win. If you have 30 Tickets you have 30 times more chances to win than someone who have just subscribed.
So, I would encourage everyone to take part in thgis contest. maybe tehre arent many prizes but atleast a few cash prizes may make a bit of differrence.

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