Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ikariam : Online Browser Game

I've just got intorduced to a new online game. It's called Ikariam. If some of you think that this is an obsolete info, well, for me it's still new.

The type of game is Strategy, and it's an online browser game. Which means, you can play it online just by using your usual web-browser without any un-neccessary installation of whatsoever. For you who already getting fammiliar with Age of Empire or Stronghold Crussader, this game is just like those I've mentioned. So I assume, it won't be so hard for you.

The game is taking place in ancient Greek, where people still pilage one against another, and Gods are to be worshiped in a good way. You will be provided with a small town as a start, for you to go to your place in the ranks. Develop your society and defense your town from others, as you unreveiled more and more features for your town.

Overall, I enjoyed this game. For it is a continous kind one, that means, even when I close my browser - the game and progress still being carried out. And I can do other activities for myself.

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