Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Browse for Internet Contest

I've been trying to do some work to get extra income from the internet, and it works after a while (there ain't no shortcut for this, you know). I've got my first review task a couple of days ago, I also went for PTC just now. And as I dropped my EntreCard on various sites I visited, I found this one, which offers many internet contest.

It's A.B.C. - About Blog Contest

A site that offers you so many choices and opportunities. All you need to prepare is a blog, so if you yourself is a blogger, I suggest you to take advantage on this. Who know you'll win prizes from any published contest you can find there. Oh, the prize also varies; from entrecard credits, cash, free-domain, even gadgets and so much more.

Personal point-of-view, if you have the time to join some contest, you better do. Instead of wasting your time on the internet for something unworthed (if I may say). I still got tons of things to do before I can join any contest, but if I (hopefully) one day win; there will be an annoucement posted right here mrgreen

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