Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Biggest EntreCard Contest, Ever

Okay, time for me to participate in another contest. This post, actually, is a requirement that I have to do, in order to join The Biggest EntreCard Contest Ever. Hee,hee you can visit that page to read the full post. Because I'm just going to name my prize over here:

>> Aerten Art's Painting <<

Yes, I visited her site.. and I already imagine myself having a painting on my wall. Which I feel much better than book-sized anime posters razz

Okay, now that I have mentioned my prize, I want to give credits to the sponsors who have the courage (or simply, the will) in making this contest become so interesting. I love the way they write the blog. You should give them a visit if you have the chance.


  1. Fantasy Baseball - 10,000ec — You can trade in 10,000ec for, like, Graham’s car or something.
  2. Q3-n - 5000ec — Q3-n is selling their 1950s dinette furniture to finance this contest. They say, “You’re welcome.”
  3. Øblog - 4000ec — Wow! 4000ec is going for like $30 on the Entrecard market. Thanks, Weird Oh.
  4. Evil Woobie - 3000ec — Hey, maybe she’s not so evil after all! Or is she? You make the call!
  5. Turnip of Power - 1001ec — He was going to go with 1000 then he found an extra credit in his couch. Thanks, Turnip!
  6. Celebrity Pictures - 1000ec — Credits were acquired through legal means. Supposedly.
  7. Evil Entrecard Kid! - 1000ec — Entrecard trivia: Evil Woobie and Evil Entrecard Kid are not related. Yet.
  8. Modern Glam - 1000ec — With the 1000ec, perhaps you’ll buy an imaginary 1000ec pashmina and hang it around your virtual neck.
  9. Dot Com Mogul - 1000ec — With this 1000ec, you might be able to buy back Q3-n’s dinette furniture.
  10. Blabberwocky - 1000ec — It’s a play on Jabberwocky.
  11. Looking For Scoop - 1000ec — Nothing says “I can buy one popular ad” like 1000ec.
  12. Eyespi20.com - 1000ec — And she’ll teach you how she does that weird signature thing. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, look at her site.
  13. Travelin’ Show - 1000ec — Message from the year 2012: Macy’s is now taking credits and a 1000 gets you one earring.
  14. The Hypnotist - 1000ec — She will put you under a spell. Recognize!
  15. Diet Pulpit - 1000ec — You can buy a lot of imaginary rice cakes with 1000ec. Side note, imaginary rice cakes taste better than real ones.
  16. The Realtor - 500ec — You want insight. Listen to her write. It’s like magic beans growing in the backyard of your brain.
  17. Romelo - 500ec — Romelo, Romelo, wherefore art thou 500ec?
  18. WebATBP.com - 500ec — With gas prices soaring, it won’t be too long before 500ec goes for 501ec.
  19. Inspire Emotion - 500ec — Almost pay for your favorite 512ec ad!
  20. Sue Doe-Nim - 500ec — She’ll probably give you the credits then mock you for wanting them. That’s right — bonus!
  21. Thailand Land of Smiles - 500ec — Actually, that’s 500 smiles.
  22. FitnessLifeClub - 500ec — You’ll have to promise not to blow these credits on any fattening foods.
  23. Lisa Cooking - 500ec — Surprise the whole family with 500 Entrecard credits.
  24. JunkieYard Dot Com - 500ec — If you put these credits in a 401K, in 45 years you’ll have enough credits for a free e-card.
  25. Movie Reviews - 500ec — You can’t buy a movie ticket with Entrecard credits. Yet. (Graham twirls his mustache. Contemplating world domination.)
Wow, 25 sponsors are involved, no wonder this contest become so BIG (the capital is just for aesthetics).

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