Friday, July 11, 2008

Gaming Anyone?

I just wondering, if anyone here, which in grown-ups age .. still spending your time in gaming? Like I do, for quite sometime. For me, probably, it's because I have too much time to kill. Being a freelance can be such a pain sometimes. Not because the workload, but in time where I don't have anything to do, things become so .. quite like a graveyard neutral

That's why I start to play some game, not just those that you can find in your local computer. I go for online games, where I have other ppl to talk-to. Hey, I need some social activities, right? I play Gunbound, Ghost Online and Ragnarok Online. For some that are not too "social" I often play Ikariam.

To think that again .. I guess, I'm lack of social activities. The "real" social activities, I meant.

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