Sunday, July 6, 2008

PTC as Your Source of Income

Since I spend most of my daily life on the net (yeah, quite ironic for some people) I figure out one thing that I can do to turn this condition into an opportunity cool

I found new ways to earn money from the net. From spending hours without any income at first, now I earn some money for a bit of time I spare. Well, for some, this probably ain't a new issue to concern. But for me, I found it as a very interesting one.

There are so many ways, let alone the illegal one, but I'm not talking about scams or frauds, or even something that is too-technical to do. I realized that all it needs is a dedication for there is no shortcut to become success. And of course, an internet connection to work things out razz

PTC stands for Paid-To-Click, a program that pay us for each advertisement we click. So the name start to make sense, huh? Instead of doing click-frauds on ads program (that can turn into a total wipe out for all the effort we've made) this one works the other way around. So if you start to realize that what you earn is decided from your active effort, you're starting to get the picture of it.

I have joined a number of PTC site, and what I get is really making me feel excited. Of course, after some time. Here is my list:

But as a pre-condition to gain our payment, I have to explain about AlertPay. This is a middle account manager for us to use. A save method to do transaction from the net, I may say. Why? Because providing your financial data (Credit Card information, etc.) to an unsecured web-site, is a very silly thing to do.

So just to make sure, we're not going to spread the info wildly, just keep it on a trusted site .. and use the trusted site for the outter business. Well, there is some fee that is going to be charged, for this third-party service, but I say it's worth it.

So for a quite jump to the registration form please click here.


rhyan said...

I haven't tried this kind of program, but when I do online I'll try make some cash. Never came into my mind wasting my time in the net, Maybe sometime when I get bored *I guess :)

Nich said...

Yes, make every time you have on the net, worthy. I say..

albert said...

Nice Blog.