Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What A Failure Supposed to Mean

A simple writing you should check out..

A failure is not the same thing with a total break-down,
because a failure is a first-hop you have to do to go for the next level.
And remember that being success doesn't always translated in what your efforts result are, or your self prestigious achievement.
Take a better look at your family, friends, and all those who support you all the time.
So if you think you haven't become a success man.. think again about the last thing I said.

Those ain't a poem for I'm not a poet myself. I ain't good at it, but I can enjoy the beauty of words when one arrange it so well (especially when you put your heart in it). I was astonished by the last line. It opened my eyes, to realize that what I have achieve in my line of work isn't the thing that determine SUCCESS itself. How you evolve your family and friends to trust you, is the thing you have to see in a better way.

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