Sunday, September 7, 2008

Finally, perfect weekend

Since I'm not lifing in "normal" life-cycle (and work-hours), I rarely got the time to call my days as "weekend". While people usually got two of them at the end of every week.

Yea, since I'm up to my ears building my own business, it's hard to settle Saturday and Sunday as weekends. But that doesn't mean that I work 24/7. No..No.. I'm working in a casual-kind of way; I manage my own time. Hence, I got the chance to have some day-offs while other still working his arse to his bone.

And now, it's Sunday and I'm sitting on my desk, alone. Enjoying some music, doing some blogging (which have been neglected for some time). Which then open my mind for a new concept. That I should start do some blog marketting. Hey, I'm opening this blog for some online opportunities, you know.

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