Monday, September 22, 2008

VBA: a new adNetwork

I've just get to know VBA (stands for Viral Blog Ads)just about less than an hour ago. At first I thought it was about Visual Basic Application (since I'm a programmer, so that's all in my head). But then again, I have learnt that this is an pay-per click image ad network service. It aims for blogging, so I found it appropriate for me.

This service is "still" at pre-release phase, actually. I also found it quite, questionable. But then again, they show a very interesting fact. That, even that they are still in that phase, they already have a contest running, with abundant prizes.
Here is a short list of what the prizes are:

  • Cash, dollars
  • Review for your blog
  • 125 spot (advertise your site/blog)
  • Cash by PayPal
  • Even design for your logo
and much more.. (you can see the full list, here)

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