Tuesday, September 9, 2008

FrensZone : an online opportunities

I bet most of you already get along with such social network sites, such as Friendster or Facebook, or MySpace (you name it). And so do I. I even already neglecting some of it, since my hands (and soul) is just a single existence; while those social network sites are having high demand on updates, etc. Believe me, with my routine .. no wonder my Friendster got neglected.

But recently, I joined this new (found) social site. That offers me some online earnings. You got to check this out, frenszone!

What's the catch?
Basically, there's no catch. You just use this website and you'll earn your reward points. Well, this social network apply the refferal concept. That means you earn money from reffering other people to join this site and become one of the member. In short term, the more you invite the more you'll earn.

Hey, this is not a pyramid scheme (or what-so-ever). Basically, members don't pay fee to join; and that already eliminates the possibilities that tisSo, if you would like to help me in fulfilling my purpose, get yourself registered.

Regarding the reward points, here is a quote on their statement (hope you'll find it interesting):

Getting Rewarded By Points
You get rewarded with points when you post/upload/vote/comment stuffs like photo, blogs, videos, music on FrensZone. You also get rewarded with points when other members view our profile, blogs, videos, photos and more. For example, you may get 10 points from uploading a photo. Later, you can convert these accumulated points for cash or cool merchandises like mobile phones, mp3 players and more.

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