Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ziddu Hosted Malware (a question)

Last night I was intended to access my ziddu account, to upload a song (The Cardigans Feat. Tom Jones - Burning Down the House) since I don't want to have it deleted by someone else in the future; I like this song, especially The Cardigans is my favorit band on the moon.

Okay, back to the upload thing. When I opened the web browser I'm using (that is FireFox) shows a notice:

"What the ..." was the thing that crossed my mind. So I try to open it with another browser that was installed on my laptop, Internet Explorer and no such notice or warning shown. It didn't pleased me instantly, because now I'm starting to worry if there was really a threat and I'm neglecting the warning - that means I'm letting it in by using IE.

I stoped it, and start to do some research on Google. The first thing I got was the notice from Google (you can read it here), and then I start to do some more research why FireFox handle suspicious websites better than IE, so I ended up on this guy's blog. That explain that Google and FireFox do have a good relationship, regarding the Google Chrome project. It's a web browser that Google develop by the help of open source web browser (such as FireFox).

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