Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time for a new cell phone

Recently, some of my friends have been complained about my cell phone. The main argument was about the "obsolete" of style, or the lack of "update" whatsoever.

Okay, some does think that using a Nokia 3220 on current date is so un-cool. The phone itself is old and, look sturdy. Well, I still using it since it still works just fine. And that's enough with me.

Personally, I don't need some monster-multimedia cellphone, nor do I need some fashion accessories. All I need is a phone that works just how it supposed to work; making calls, text messenging, wireless connection supported. That should be enough.

Oh, I do have some preference on phone that has high durability; such one that can endure unfriendly environment, water-proof, etc. Like this one for example.
Sonim XP1
I don't want to write much about it (since I won't gain any from it), but I was browsing for something in particular with my "late" Siemens *forget the series* .. which less-powerfull than this one; then I though "what the hell, just post this one instead"

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